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Letters & Roll

A fun game for learning multiplication

Age 8-9+ SKU: TE 1235

A game to improve vocabulary, spelling, and creativity. Players must
create words by matching an opening letter or a closing letter.
The double roulette has two wheels that rotate separately, forming
hundreds of combinations of letters.
Turn the roulette wheels so that your finger touches both discs. After
about 2 seconds, stop the large disc and then let the small disc stop on
its own. 3 letters appear, select only one and complete:
Yellow letter – will be the first letter of the word
Blue letter – will be the last letter of the word
The box contains two games: a Crossword game and a Country-City game.
In the Crossword game, the players complete words vertically and
horizontally, according to the letter they selected.
In the Country-City game, the players have to complete words according
to a fixed description and according to a set time.
Both games include instructions

• Size : 18cm X 18cm

• Contains : Double Roulette Table, 4 Crossword puzzle cards, 4 "Country-City" cards ,3 whiteboard marker

• Material : Cardboard

• Players : 2-5

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