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U-P You Play

Innovative creative game for sensory development- sand & water

Age 3-5, Age 6+, Age 8-9+ SKU: TE 416

Sensory play in the Early Years is an essential part of a child’s development.
Therefor we always looking for attraction activities and materials that children love to play with, like water and sand.
We create the U-p “U-Play” which is a multi-purpose activity tray for children both in kindergarten and school.

The U-P designed to fit over our Light Panel. Children will enjoy using this when making painting and own creativity with kinetics sand and cubes.

The transparent tray can be used as a sand tray. Children like to reach into the fine sand with their fingers and with the additional parts like “sand combs” or pattern roll.
This U-P tray also can be filled with water to experience with mix colors and create amazing shapes and explore materials which are sinking or floating.

• Size : 60 X 50 X 4.5 cm

• Contains : U-P tray, 4 scrapers, 1 synthetic colored background, 5 pipettes, 1 kg of fine quartz sand

• Material : wood fram & pp tray